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Height, Weight & Speed Of D1 WRs

This is a common misconception that college coaches recruit solely off of these specific skills. While yes, being 6’2, 200lbs and running a 4.5 40 certainly helps your cause, it is still possible to get a scholarship without the specific SCORES the colleges can develop. Colleges will take time to develop your speed, your strength, your size and much more. The only one they can’t develop is height. Now, what you can do is make sure you showcase your talents on film. College coaches want to see you display great route running, abilities to create separation, making tough catches and running after the catch on film. If they see you as a good fit in their offense, they will take a chance on you. If you need to get bigger they will help you. If you need to get faster they will help you. However this doesn’t mean that you don’t neglect speed and strength work. You will not play at the next level if you are slow and if you are a stick figure. What I am trying to say is that on film, a 4.4 forty and a 4.6 forty are not that much different. And 200lbs and 180lbs don’t look that much different. Don’t get caught up in the specific numbers you need, be more so focused on being as strong as possible, as fast as possible and as big as possible to play collegiate ball. You cannot neglect speed and strength work but don’t get caught up in having SPECIFIC NUMBERS. You just need to have great, speed, size route running and skills to play at the next level. If you want 8 weeks of workouts for WRs to get bigger, stronger and faster in the gym CLICK BELOW ⬇️⬇️

WE ARE COMING TO ARIZONA OCTOBER 2nd & 3rd! If you are a QB or WR in the AZ area come out for our 1st annual Arizona clinic! It is a 3 hour clinic focused on developing the skills of the WR/QB positions. Spots are limited to only 20 kids so this will fill up fast! Also we are flying in a D1 speed trainer to help you guys with running form, 40yd dash technique and much more. CHECK IT OUT & SIGN UP HERE ⬇️

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