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How A WR Can Impress A Coach

How a WR can stand out to coaches is by having a high understanding of what DBs will do and how to play them. Coaches are used to WRs who just run around out there and don’t really understand the technique behind route running, releases etc. and that is why I do what I do. I want you guys to become intelligent receivers who can be a second QB on the field. You need to understand what the DB is going to do, so you can structure your release properly in order to keep timing with the QB, create separation and be able to make a play. You must know defenders first because I can’t even  tell you how many times I’ve seen athletes crumble when it’s game time. They will spend hours upon hours in the off season drilling releases, moves at the top of the route etc. and when it’s game time they sometimes freeze up. The guys who I’ve seen the biggest success with know when to use releases, route techniques and all the little details of the WR position in game. They don’t just drill it for the cool instagram video. They know how to apply it. If you want to learn DB techniques, WR releases to use and when to use them along with game film examples,  check out the link below to get access to a video with ALL of the WR press releases you should use and game time situations of when to use them. Click below! ⬇️⬇️

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