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How A WR Can Impress Their Coach

How WRs can impress their coaches is by doing two things. You need to be able to understand offensive concepts and be reliable. Coaches want receivers they can depend on, take it from a guy who was a coach for a high school team. What we look for in receivers are guys who run the correct route and guys who we can depend on. Most common mistakes you see out of receivers at the high school level are drops and miscommunication or not doing your assignment. Those are the two quickest ways to get out of the offense or off the field in general. You have to be on the same page as your QB and understand the playbook just as well as your QB. Studying film, asking questions, being at every meeting and practice etc. improving your football IQ is a must. That takes discipline and effort. Now in terms of your hands, that takes reps. If you can’t catch every ball that you should catch, you’re not gonna get the ball. Be prepared to block a lot if you struggle with your hands. If you want to improve your hands and be consistent with your catching click the link below for a 3 week catching program. We give you specific workouts, exercises and reps to improve your hands in 3 weeks time. Click below ⬇️

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