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How D1 WRs & Average WRs Are Different

To play at the division 1 level as a WR there are a few things you need to be able to do. Obviously size and speed matter to a certain extent, but for the guys who maybe have average height and average speed, what can you do to get to the next level? First and foremost you need to be the best route runner on the field. Route running is all about details, if you aren’t a good route runner I feel that you are just on the lazy side. It’s all repetition and doing the correct things that will help your game. You need to rep specific drills and techniques that you can actually apply in a game. It’s not about doing all these fancy obstacle course drills that you can’t even apply to an actual game situation. Don’t go to a trainer who does that and just sits on his phone to record you. If you aren’t training to get better and aren’t learning something new every time you go out there, you aren’t doing the things you need to get to the next level. If you want a 4 week workout schedule with all of the specific drills you need to do on the field to be a great route runner, improve your hands and take your game to the next level click below! We explain every drill and will also show a full speed example AND give you specific sets and reps to perform each drill ⬇️⬇️

Now also, D1 WRs have a great understanding of the game. They do not just walk out there and guess. They know how to read DBs and they know what to do based off of a DBs coverage. For example is they know what release they are going to use if they see an inside shade press DB and they know what move to use at the top of the route based off of what read they are for the QB, AKA timing. D1 WRs have a high football IQ and if you want to play at the D1 level but you aren’t the prototypical height, weight and speed… you BETTER have a high football IQ. Those are the two things that can create separation for you at the next level. Route running and IQ. Because when it comes down to it, everyone is big and fast. So you need some attributes to make it to the next level. If you have the whole package, speed, size, weight, route running and IQ… that can be something really special.

WE ARE COMING TO LAS VEGAS! If you are in/near the Las Vegas Nevada area we are coming down September 11th & 12th for a youth/high school QB/WR clinic! The clinic will be 3 hours long and will emphasize WR/QB mechanics, speed and agility training and 40yd dash technique! Click the link below to register! ⬇️⬇️

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