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How Freshman Players Can Get Noticed

Today we will be discussing how freshman football players can get noticed! I hope this can help you.

Also, if you play WR and would like a 2 month daily workout schedule to follow, checkout the link below! We give you 8 weeks of field route running workouts (sets & reps/video examples included), 8 weeks of WR specific gym workouts (sets/reps/examples includes) and a 1 Month speed development workout plan to do. Check it out here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

There are 3 keys to making a lasting impression as a freshman football player. Whether you are just trying to impress your freshman coaches or potentially earn play time on varsity this is what I recommend.

1)- Understand that Optional means Mandatory. If there are optional workouts, optional lifts etc. You NEED TO BE THERE. The greatest attribute you can show coaches is that you are reliable. You should re schedule appointments and only miss practice if it is a death bed circumstance. I think a lot of kids make excuses as to why they don’t play. “Oh coaches play favorites” “oh they never give me a shot”. Maybe their favorite kids are the ones who show up everyday and maybe they give chances to people who have earned it. If you want more play time you always need to be honest with yourself.

2)- Don’t make the same mental mistake twice. Mistakes will happen and you should never be afraid to fail. However, when it comes to mental mistakes, you should never make the same one twice. Let’s say you’re a WR and on one play you run a wrong route. That better never happen again. Dropped passes will happen but mental mistakes should never happen. This is the quickest way to piss a coach off. He hates repeating himself over and over again when it comes to the mental side of the game.

3)- Play special teams. This goes for anybody except maybe QB and some linemen. In college, let’s say you’re a walk on, special teams is how you make the team. And even some guys on scholarship don’t get to dress out for games… they make the dress list by playing special teams. So when coaches need a player, you should be some of the first guys to hop out and volunteer. This builds trust with the coaching staff and it shows that you are a team first guy.

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