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How I Went From 155 to 175 In One Off Season

When I was in high school, my junior year I weighed about 155. I was a twig, still had skill but I needed more size if I wanted any chance to play at the next level. I jumped up to 175 by my senior year in just one off season. How did I do that? I did that by my diet and a workout plan that I strategically followed. My diet was very high in protein and carbohydrates. I’m not a dietitian and I did not have a lot of money to throw around at meal preps and all of that soft shit nowadays. I just did it. You commit to something and you do it. I would have 2 protein shakes a day, which worked out to be about 50 grams of protein a day. And I would include peanut butter in the shakes. I would eat a lot of PBJ sandwiches and I would have a lot of chicken and beef. Again I’m not a dietitian, I was just committed. And if you are more strategic than I was, and actually count calories and all of that, it will probably be 10x easier for you. I did it the hard way. Now I can’t just eat and grow the right way. I had to lift correctly. I had to lift heavier and focus on being more explosive. If you want the exact workout plan I followed to gain muscle mass, click the link below!

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