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How Much Freshman Players Should Lift

Below we will be discussing how much freshman football players should be lifting- based on their position. This is a common question that we get asked so I wanted to address it in an article before a lot of you start your freshman football season. I hope this can help! Again, I don’t want this to discourage you- this is just a good benchmark for you to shoot for or to let you know that you have good strength for your position.

Also, if you play WR and would like a 2 month daily workout schedule to follow, checkout the link below! We give you 8 weeks of field route running workouts (sets & reps/video examples included), 8 weeks of WR specific gym workouts (sets/reps/examples includes) and a 1 Month speed development workout plan to do. Check it out here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

We will be breaking it up into 3 specific lifts. Bench Press, Barbell Back Squat & then Power Clean. These are three lifts that you will be doing in high school football guaranteed. Some of you might to deadlift but I don’t think deadlift serves that much benefit to max out on. So I am not going to include that exercise. It can be a good exercise but I don’t like it when athletes max out on it.

QBs- Bench: N/A (QBs should not do flat barbell bench press. If you have to, please don’t max out. There is no benefit and it only puts an unnecessary amount of stress on your rotator cuff)

Squats: 200lbs

Power Clean: 135lbs

WRs/DBs- Bench: 155lbs

Squat: 195lbs

Power Clean: 155lbs

RBs/LBs-Bench: 185lbs

Squat: 250lbs

Power Clean: 165lbs

OLine/DLine- Bench: 225lbs

Squat: 275lbs

Power Clean: 185lbs

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