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How NFL WRs Get Open

NFL WRs are some of the craftiest people in all of football but it is really simple why they are able to get so much separation. In my eyes it comes from 3 things. Speed/change of speed, great change of direction, and acceleration. Now off the line you need to make it all look the same, everything is a fade until it’s not, but there are situations when a DB starts to get your speed down you can start to change the tempo and get him on his heels and it keeps him guessing. That’s the entire goal. Now your change of direction comes from being either sudden with your feet on a speed cut or violent with your hips on a snap down cut. That’s how you change direction fast but you’re focused on being powerful not just dropping your hips soft. And lastly, if you do both of these things you need to finish the play. That’s where acceleration comes into it. You want to be running in, and then running out of your route, pumping your arms and driving your feet as if you’re running a 40. It is a race to the spot the QB is throwing the ball to between you and the DB. And if you’re cruising out of the break, the DB will win every single time. Now it may be tough to work on this due to staying indoors during this time period but if you want some at home ADVANCED WR drills to improve these things, click the link below ⬇️

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