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How QBs Can Get Better Timing

QBs can improve their timing by doing these two things, work timing routes only with receivers and try to change the tempo of their drops. With your receivers every route you throw with them should be based around timing. Don’t just take a 3 step drop and a hitch, wait for them to see you, stare them down the whole time and throw. Believe me I’ve made this mistake and it’s not going to get you any better. When you throw routes throw them like how you would in a game. Pretend to look off safeties, if he’s a 3rd read, come back to him after making 2 others. Now the tempo of your drops matter, don’t want to take a quick three step on a deep out route or a deep dig. Change the tempo of your drop you can still take a 3 step however just slow it down. When you slow it down it helps with the timing and your feet can be in rhythm with the play. That’s how you get better timing. If you want to learn more about how you can improve ALL aspects of the QB position click the link below to checkout our QB manual where you can learn about everything QB! ⬇️⬇️

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