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How QBs Can Have A Perfect Release

QBs often ask me about their release and how they can improve it. I think the main things about your release is your front shoulder and wrist flick. If your front shoulder stays square and doesn’t fly open, your arm will not come outside your frame. You won’t “let your arm fly”. And if your front elbow doesn’t swing down, your release won’t be too high or too low. If you keep your front hand somewhere tight to your body or in front of your face like you’re eating a sandwich, then your arm won’t lose its direction. Now you can’t just expect the ball to get there without any type of wrist flick or follow through. When you let go of the ball it should almost be like you are throwing darts at a board. Your wrist flick should be right at the target and you should follow through down to your opposite pocket. But don’t swing that front shoulder. Those are the two keys to a batter release point. If you still feel like you have a big problem with your mechanics, check out the link below to my website. If you become a member you can send me film and I will break it down just like how I breakdown NFL QBs. Click below ⬇️

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