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How Short WRs Can Get OFFERS

If you are a short or undersized WR this article is for you! Everyone talks about the eye test when it comes to playing football at the next level, if you don’t pass the eye test, you need to do these 3 key things in order to get recruited.

  1. Show your ability to get open. If you are a small guy and can’t beat press or create separation at the top of the route, you will not be successful. The knock on short WRs is that they won’t be able to win against bigger/physical guys. This is something you need to showcase on film as a short WR and you need to emphasize this in your training. You need to move efficiently and beat man coverage DBs efficiently. If you want 4 weeks of drills to work on the specific things short WRs can do on the field to improve their overall performance, checkout the link below! We breakdown each drill into the specific sets/repetitions you need to do & also we show a full speed example of each one ! ⬇️⬇️

  1. The second thing you need to do to stand out to college coaches as a short WR is have a high football IQ. Be able to read a defense and sit in open areas. You will probably not be a match up guy as a short WR. This means that a QB probably won’t pick you for a jump ball or a tight coverage catch. But in zone or on quick routes you can really do damage because of having a high football IQ. If you understand why a DB plays you a certain way, why he’s in a certain leverage it can make your life a lot easier. You can structure a plan of attack and all you have to worry about is executing based on what the DB is doing.

  1. Last but not least short WRs need to have some kind of speed. If you aren’t fast as a short guy, you won’t be successful at the next level. If you are short and slow, that doesn’t really jump off the page as a WR. Demonstrate your speed on your highlight tape that you send out to colleges. That can make up for a lack of size!

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