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I think the most important aspect of leadership is being yourself. I think if you “try” to be a leader or something you are not, you will get exposed very quick and you won’t have the respect of your teammates. If you are naturally a leader you are definitely going to have a easier time doing this, but this is for all the guys who aren’t natural born leaders and have to learn the skill. But again being yourself should always be number 1. Guys will respect the hell out of you if you come in and do the work everyday and you be true to yourself. Even with success or failure you don’t lose who you are. If you are a more introverted guy, you shouldn’t try to be extroverted. Lead by example. You don’t have to be the guy giving pre game speeches to be a leader on your team. Show up with your actions and lead the team in your own way. There is not 1 single way to be a leader. There are many ways to lead, especially leading a team. No two NFL coaches are the same. They are all different and they are some of the best leaders in the world behind the military. Just be you, and people will follow.

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