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How To DM A College Coach

Below we will be giving you a couple of DM templates that you can use to contact a college coach via Twitter. Please DO NOT use these on a head coach, offensive coordinator or defensive coordinator. Use when approaching a position coach or re ruining coordinator for your region.


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When DMing a college coach, you want to think of it like DMing a girl you like. If you were to cold DM a girl on Instagram you wouldn’t just immediately ask her out. You’d build a relationship first, well some of you might not, but if you just send your highlights to a college coach with no introduction/no relationship built… he’s going to be extremely annoyed because he doesn’t know you. Much like a girl. So these DM templates are to help you build a relationship with a coach. 

Template #1)

Hello Coach,My name is ____ I am a (position) in the class of 20__ and I attend (high school) in (city/state). I am reaching out to you to see if your school has any camps this offseason I can attend? Thank you and I hope to hear back soon!_ (your name)__

Reason why we use this as a template is because college coaches are real people. They don’t want to receive spam emails from thousands of players claiming “watch my highlights”. A college coach will see your account if you message him on Twitter and your highlights should be posted in your bio. If he’s interested he will watch. YOU ARE MORE LIKELY TO GET A RESPONSE WHEN ASKING A QUESTION!

Template #2)

Hello Coach,

My name is ____ I am a (position) in the class of 20__ and I attend (high school) in (city/state). I am reaching out to you to see if you will be doing any recruiting during the contact period in (your state)? Thank you for your time! (Your Name)

Template #3) (situational)

Hello Coach,My name is ____ I am a (position) in the class of 20__ and I attend (high school) in (city/state). We just met at my school's campus earlier today (or yesterday etc.). Really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me and I hope we can continue to communicate this off season! Thanks again. (Your name)

Most people would send their highlight link with this DM or email. I don’t recommend it because a college coach will less likely open it with the highlight link. Like we mentioned before, it’s about building relationships and contacts. If he likes you he will take a look at your profile where your film is already located. He will most likely open and respond to this type of DM and then you have a line of communication with a coach. This is where you can message him periodically with training updates, scores, max lifts etc. 

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