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How To Find College Camps

Everyone loves to talk about college camps and how it is a great way to get noticed but how do you find the right ones to attend? That is what we will be discussing today. There are 3 specific ways to find college camps and they are way easier than you think. I hope this can help.

Now some of you should not attend college camps because you cannot get the most value out of them. Let me explain, if you are a guy who doesn’t have varsity film, hasn’t proven himself yet and needs to improve your skills a lot. College camps are not for you. College camps are showcases, they are not gonna make you better. It’s for scouting. Some camps obviously like at Alabama or Clemson would be awesome to experience and learn from the best. But from my experience you don’t learn too much in an environment of 300 kids. If you can relate to this and want something to do this off season to improve your skills checkout our WR gym/field combo workout plan designed to help WRs improve this off season! ⬇️⬇️

So the first way you can find a college camp for a school you are interested in is by going to the schools website and going to the football section of the site. Usually they will have a calendar or an upcoming events tab, and that is where you can find the camp info.

The second way to find out the info is by going to Twitter. College coaches make their summer money from the camps they put on. So chances are they will be promoting the camp to get sign ups. So if you go to a coaches main Twitter feed/photos, usually you can find some info.

The third way to find a college camp is by reaching out to a coach. Coaches often times don’t respond to recruits who spam them with their highlights but a kid who asks about a camp is more likely to get a response. Again, college coaches make their money off of camps. So if you DM them asking to sign up, chances are they will see that and want to respond. More $ in their pocket. But that opens a line of communication for you, and a relationship.

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