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How To Get Better During Time Off

Unless you have been living under a bridge for the past week or so, this corona virus has become a national issue. I normally don’t like to speak on this stuff, I just keep it football only. Which is part of why I am writing this. If you’re anything like me, you might be worrying about how you are going to get better if it gets to a point where you can’t even go outside, due to the national emergency. You still need to improve your game even if you are limited and I think this can be an opportunity for you to gain an advantage over the competition. Because 90% of players will take this “break” from school and practice and just sit around. If you don’t sit around for 5 weeks, you can get a leg up on the competition. You need to be doing something everyday. Whether it’s studying your plays, watching my defensive film breakdowns on my website, doing footwork drills by yourself, throwing at a net etc. you have to be doing something to get better. Now what about the weight room? The gym is so germ infested I don’t recommend going there, but what you can do is body weight exercises. Check out the link below to see the info on my body weight workout plan that is 28 days long 👇🏻

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