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How To Get More Receptions

I think the key to getting the ball a lot from your QB is being reliable. If he can put his faith in you to make not only the routine plays but the big plays, you will get the ball more than any other WR on your team. I know this from experience, I have experience with both QB and WR, and as a QB I’m not gonna throw you the ball if I’m not 99% sure you’re gonna make the catch if I put it in the correct spot. I used to have guys who could run a 4.5 40 in high school to throw to and I would rather throw it to my taller, slower wideouts because they would be automatic in terms of the catch. The most important thing any receiver can develop is their hands. If you want access to a 3 week program to improve your hands, no QB required, click the link below! ⬇️

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