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So today we are going to discuss how you can get noticed if you attend a small high school. If you don’t get many college coaches in your town/city, if college coaches don’t recruit a lot out of your area… this article is for you.

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When reading this article it is assumed that you have varsity film. If you don’t have varsity film, that needs to be your main focus. None of this is going to matter if you don’t have varsity tape. You can honestly do this same strategy we are going to discuss below with varsity film, but it’s going to be tough to get any real recognition this off season. You will have to wait until you get varsity film to get any real recruiting attention. 

So let’s say you’re coming off your sophomore or junior year and you had a good season. You just live in a small town or go to a small school. Every year when athletes get back from winter break, colleges take part in something called a “contact period” which is when coaches will travel to schools and they can communicate with athletes. Now, when you don’t have any coaches coming to your school, you need to reach out to coaches and create contacts yourself. First thing you need to do is make an X account (formerly known as Twitter). Then, you need to upload your highlight tape to your Twitter bio and make your highlights a pinned tweet on your profile. Then, if you can financially afford it- I would get your account verified. Reason for this is so you can message different college coaches. A lot of college coaches only allow messages from verified accounts- so if you pay to be verified it opens up the recruiting pool. Now, you don’t want to message a bunch of coaches “hey I’m a really hard worker watch my film”. Because these coaches don’t know you… because you go to a small school. So you need to take a more creative approach. I would message them and ask them questions about camps they have coming up. And the ones that answer you back with camp dates & mega camp dates they will be in attendance for, you should seriously consider going. Attend the camp, not to get an offer, but to meet the coaches in person and meet multiple coaches in person. So you can then follow them on X, or message the coach you had prior communication with and thank them for their time. They may just end up remembering you. This can create a relationship so when you get film from the next year you can send it to them- or they might actually take a look at the film you have as your pinned tweet on your profile. Because now they actually know who you are. And then I would repeat this process over and over again. I know it requires a time investment and a financial investment with the camps, but this is what I recommend doing and I really don’t see another way to get recruited  if you live in a small town & attend a small school. I hope this was able to help! 

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