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Below we will be discussing two ways you can get recruited to play college football at a small school or in a small town. I hope this can help! 

1)- A common question that guys have that all attend a smaller scale school is that “is it even possible to get recruited?” The short answer is yes, but there is a calculated process you need to do in order to gain the correct exposure for yourself. If you guys don’t have college coaches coming through your school/town on a regular basis you need to network via Twitter. That is the first way. You need to understand college coaches are looking for you just as much as you are looking for them. College coaches want to keep their jobs and provide for their families so they want the best possible recruits for their team. How You can show that is through reaching out to them, sending them your highlights, messaging them asking about camps to attend etc. you will eventually get at least one coach interested. (If you are good enough) Now I’m not saying to spam your highlight tape to every coach you see- he already has 100+ DMs with exactly that and WILL NOT watch everyone’s tape. To stand out, you must build a relationship. I would start with maybe 20 coaches- most of you talk to that many girls on Snapchat anyways so this shouldn’t be hard. Build real relationships with them. Start by asking them about a camp, then ask questions about the camp, maybe attend the camp and talk about it after. But you need to build real relationships if you want real attention when you are at a smaller school in a small town.

To stand out on film you need to be very explosive. College coaches are looking for explosive playmakers- if you are a WR and want a 4 month workout schedule to improve your speed and explosiveness- checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

2)- Okay so secondly, you need to invest in your skills. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT fall for one of these “recruiting/exposure websites or camps”. You need to understand that if you are not good enough, you will not play college football. Fact. So all of these clown “You Are Athlete” camps who just want to take your money and these clown NCSA websites who just want your money DO NOT have your best interest in mind. They will not tell you “don’t sign up for our camp because you are not good enough- invest your money into a private trainer etc. to get better and improve these skills then we can talk in about 1 year”. They will NEVER say something like that. And wouldn’t you want that as an athlete? The recruiting agent would save you thousands of dollars. No amount of DMs can make up for a lack of skill. So get in the gym this off season if you need to, put in the work on the field, study film etc.  So when a college coach sees you, he is actually impressed. 


ALSO, WE ARE TRAVELING TO 15 MORE STATES FOR QB/WR CAMPS! We are coming to San Francisco CA, Orlando FL, The DMV, Charlotte NC, New Orleans LA, Dallas TX, St. Louis MO, Honolulu HI, Boston MA, Cleveland OH, Austin TX, Seattle WA, Newark NJ, Denver CO, & Los Angeles CA…. If you want more info and want to know how you can sign up, checkout the link below! 

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