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Below we are going to discuss how you can get recruiting stars and the reason WHY stars DONT MATTER. I hope this can help you and improve your knowledge on the recruiting process.


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Many people out there worry about the wrong things when it comes to recruiting. If you are worried about stars, your head is in the wrong place. But if you’re anything like myself, you are probably curious as to where the “Star rankings” come from. And that is what we will be discussing today and how it is COMPLETE BS.

So star rankings come from these recruiting sites like Rivals, 24-7 Sports, ESPN, and other off brand sites. And listen, it’s great to be recognized by those sites but I’ve seen 5-Star athletes do absolutely nothing in college and I’ve seen 2-Star athletes end up playing in the NFL. The reason these media sites rank kids is strictly for views. Let me tell you about how that business of content and athlete marketing works, because I am somewhat involved in that space. These media companies make money off of advertisers. Which isn’t a bad thing, this has been a business model replicated for years. However, they use a ranking system to drive eyeballs. If they title a video “5-Star WR Runs INSANE Routes” that will probably get more clicks than “WR out of South Florida Route Running”. And more clicks equals more dollars in their pocket. Fair play to them, that’s an honest business, however you need to know as an athlete that nobody who actually matters cares if you are a 5-Star, 2-Star or whatever. They want the best football players possible on their college team. So, how do you actually get stars? You need to find a regional scout for one of these brands- get your film in front of them through either a connection or message and then you can get invited to one of their camps where you can get a ranking if you show out. Now, what if you don’t know any connections? Then unfortunately it’s going to be tough to get stars. However, these sites will reach out to guys who receive real, legitimate offers. So if you’re a great football player they will find you. But PLEASE don’t set out to “get stars”. It’s so pointless and when you get to college NOBODY cares. College success is all based on merit & work ethic. Not how much hype you have. I train a few players in California who attend USC- and they tell me every year that 5-Star guys come in and are literally last on the depth chart because they can’t cut it. Whether it’s ego or they just simply don’t have it. Please understand that stars don’t matter I just wanted to inform you on the process so you know it’s a total smoke screen for money and page views for these media brands.

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