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How To Improve Your 40 Time

 Get off. You need to be explosive in the first 10 yds of your 40. Don’t just stand up and run. You need to have powerful arm swings and a powerful knee drive and keep your pad level in an explosive position. 

Top speed. Your top speed is important because that is the last 30 yds of your 40. You need to be breathing and having great arm swings with a great knee drive and pad level. Don’t be leaning back and don’t lean too far forward. Arms at 90 and swing right past your pockets to your cheek. Knees drive up to 90 and you are running on your toes. You need to improve your explosiveness. How do you improve your explosiveness? That comes from being in the weight room and working the proper exercises. Now you might be confused as to what those exercises are, if you want to see 25 Exercises to improve your speed, power and explosiveness click below ⬇️⬇️

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