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How To Pick A Press Release

When you are going against man coverage, there are 3 specific looks that you may see. Inside shade, head up and outside shade. A lot of people think that picking a press release comes down to the route you are running. That is not the case. It is all based on the DB and how you can react off of him. There are a million press releases you can use. There is no PERFECT release. While some work better than others in some situations it’s all about the concept of the release and what you are trying to accomplish. Below we will discuss some examples.

So if you are facing inside shade press, your main goal should be setting him up inside to take the outside release. Whether you are running an inside breaking route or an outside breaking route you probably will not be able to get the inside release. DBs sole responsibility with inside leverage is to protect the inside. So attack him there to move him inside. This will make him think you are running an inside route and give you a more free release.

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Now vs head up press, you can really choose which release you want. A DB doesn’t show his leverage right away in head up press so you have a “2-way release” you can go outside or inside. I like using a split release in this scenario because it forces the DB to react to us, which then causes us to react to him and how he is playing. Essentially you want to get a read on the DB when he is head up.

And last but not least when a DB is outside shade & in press, his sole goal is to protect the outside release. He wants to force everything inside because he has help to the inside when he is outside leverage. So if you can attack him and move him outside that will give you a free inside release and widen yourself from the safety help. Whether you are running an inside breaking route or outside breaking. Make sure you get a free release, do not force the outside release ever.

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