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How To Prepare For Your 1st High School Season

Below we are going to talk about some of the things you need to do to prepare for your 1st season of high school ball. Whether that’s freshman ball, JV ball or varsity ball- all of these tips will apply. I hope this can help!

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1)- Show up to everything. If you want to get in good graces with your high school coach you MUST be at every team event. Optimal means mandatory. Maybe I’m old school, but unless you are at home and physically can’t get out of bed because you are sick, you should be at practices, lifts, team events and any type of football gathering. Coaches love guys who are all about the team. And you constantly showing up will help you out a ton when it comes to impressing your coach.

2)- Don’t make the same mistake twice. Some of you might be hesitant with high school football because it’s no longer daddy ball in some cases. The coaching might be tougher, it’s guys you have never played with /worked with. So you might be wondering if the coach will even like you. And the easiest way to get on his good side is to not make the same mistake twice. Coaches are there to coach. At least the good ones. And if you screw up, that’s expected. It’s your first season. But don’t do it again the same way. You can fail and you should never be afraid to fail, but just don’t fail the same way twice. Always learn from your mistakes and consistently get better. Coaches hate repeating themselves (I personally don’t mind it because I feel it’s my responsibility as a coach to make you get it and improve- but that’s another story). But mental mistakes should never be repeated.

3)- Come in shape. If you’re new to high school football, the conditioning gets harder. It’s not insanely difficult like college but it’s harder. So make sure you are conditioning at least 2-3 times per week. When I was a player getting ready for high school ball, the conditioning was always easy for me because I did the work in the off season. I was running stadiums every Tuesday and Thursday. Then I would do a sprint workout after my weight workout on Sundays. This was non negotiable. My biggest fear was being unprepared. So make sure you come in shape. You want all of your focus on the skills- not worrying if you’re gonna pass out during conditioning or lifting.

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