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How To Run Smoother Routes

How you can run smoother routes is by doing the following: trust the steps of the route and try to sell vertical as long as possible. By trusting the steps of the route that can also mean trusting your hips and cut leg. If you attack the depth of a route correctly and really push vertical as long as possible you need to trust your hips and your cut to be smoother with the route. This takes time to build. Working routes full speed but shorter distance is a great way to do this. You need to be able to cut on a dime and create energy with either your hip drop or cut. This doesn’t happen if you slow down into a break or prepare for a break by chopping your feet and slowing down your steps. This happens by running full speed and dropping/cutting off the speed. Obviously you change tempo in certain cases but most of the time you are attacking depth. This is a major key to getting better at all 3 phases of the route. Push vertical which is the first phase, AKA the stem, create energy at the top of the route, and accelerate! Use the energy created at the top to propel the acceleration. If you want a specific route tree route running manual with all of the technique that I teach behind each route, steps, mechanics etc. click the link below to see our ADVANCED route tree. ⬇️⬇️

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