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Below we will be discussing how you can set up an unofficial visit with a college and the different between an official and unofficial visit. I hope this can help! 

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So we constantly see all of the photos on social media of athletes rocking the different college jerseys at the different universities they “visit” but 99% of all of those photos are from unofficial visits. Now I don’t say this to discourage the kids who do that- because I think it’s great. You have an opportunity to checkout schools that millions of people could only dream of, however, literally anybody can set up an unofficial visit. I’ve seen kids go on visits who are just straight up not that caliber of an athlete to play at the specific school they are “visiting”. And they aren’t going on that visit because they are being recruited by that school. All you have to do is reach out to the recruiting or athletic department of the college. You can literally call up the colleges main line. Ask to speak with the athletic department & ask who you can speak with to set up a campus tour & unofficial visit. Colleges love it because it brings a crazy amount of publicly and everyone is taking photos. They don’t even have to promote it. So again, I write this to not discourage anyone who goes on these- but I write this to encourage the kids who see those photos & posts to not get discouraged and wonder why they aren’t getting those opportunities. Literally anybody can go on one. You shouldn’t be worried about anything external like that. What you see on social media isn’t always what it seems. Now official visits are the important ones. That’s where colleges pay for everything. All of those unofficial visits that these 7on7 teams and players go on… they all are paid for out of pocket. Either the organization, the organizations sponsor or the parents are paying for everything. The travel, the tour, the hotel etc. On an OFFICIAL visit, the college takes care of everything. That’s why recruits only get 1 per school. It’s an unlimited amount but no more than 1 per school. But if you don’t have an offer from that school, chances are those are unofficial visits. So if a college coach offers you a visit or says to check out the school. Your first question should be “is this an official or unofficial visit”. AKA am I paying for it or are you. So please don’t get discouraged if you see all the photos and posts on Instagram. Not everything is what it seems.


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