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How To Stand Out At A Camp

How you can stand out at a camp with 100 plus kids is very simple. It’s simple but easier said than done. You need to be coachable first and foremost. Nobody wants to deal with the athlete who thinks he’s better than everyone else simply because he just showed up. They want the kid who shows that with his actions. Secondly the one thing that will catch every single coaches eye is speed. I remember being in high school as a QB and the first school that offered me, was a school who I was the fastest at their camp. Now especially when a QB runs the fastest 40 time of the day, that’s usually going to catch some eyes. I got to build a relationship with coaches and they knew who I was out of 100 kids. Now, like I said it was my 40 time that got me noticed because I sure as hell did not pass the eye test. 5’10 is not something scouts are jumping at. But again I may not have been the fastest at the camp, my technique is what got me a good time. Your technique is everything with 40. If you can improve your start to propel you into the next 30 yds of the race, you will be well off. If you want to improve your 40 start check out this video below ⬇️

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