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How To Stand Out At Practice

As a young player it may be tough to stand out at practice. You are the low man in the locker room but I don’t think that is any reason to not be the best. Too many guys accept the fact that they aren’t the best because they are young or smaller. That’s so far from what your mindset should be. If you put in the time in the off season like you should have, every practice should be a showcase of those skills and the work ethic you have developed. Every play you go 100 mph. Don’t get too comfortable. If you take a play off you don’t deserve to start or get noticed. If you skip reps in the weight room, you don’t deserve to develop or get noticed by the coaching staff. You have to do the little things right to make a big change. If you aren’t being noticed by the coaching staff, good. Work harder. Put in extra effort. You need to go the extra mile especially being a young guy to get the attention of a coach. Believe me he wants to win more than anybody on that team because it’s his job and he has to go home and feed his family. So he will play the best guys. Believe me. If you can put confidence in your coach that he can trust you, you will get on the field. And how you do that is through your work ethic, effort, and dedication to the craft.

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