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How To Stay Focused As A QB

I think QB is one of those positions where you need to be locked in at all times. You have to be highly focused on what the task at hand is. If you aren’t focused you can’t play this position. But focused on what exactly? Every snap the game should slow down for at least a split second, you need to analyze what your offense is doing, what the defense is going to do based on alignment and pre snap coverage identification and then what your reads/progressions are. But the defense can also change their alignment post snap so you have to understand that through film study.  Also you need to deliver an accurate ball. Sounds like a lot. How you get better at all of that is repetition and you need to be the hardest worker in the room. If you’re a QB and you’re not the hardest worker, don’t expect to be successful, if you focus on doing more everyday, getting a little bit better everyday, you’re game will start to jump levels. QBs always have to do more. If you want to learn how you can get faster at the pre snap process of identifying defenses and your progressions as a QB, click the link below! ⬇️

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