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How Underclassmen Can Get Offers

In this article we will be discussing 3 ways that underclassmen can get a scholarship  offer. I hope this helps! 

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1)- Need to make varsity and start varsity.  College coaches care about 1 thing…. Your film. A lot of people like to pretend that college coaches care about 7on7 and all the exposure scam camps out there…. But they don’t care about anything but the plays you can make on Friday nights. So if you’re an incoming freshman or going to be a sophmore- your primary goal should be making varsity. Figure out what you need to do and to execute. Recruiting should be the last thing on your mind. Focus on improving so you can actually gather the film that will get you recruited. Your mind needs to be in the right place.

2)- The second thing that will help you get recruited is making contacts with college coaches when they visit your school. Every 8th grade and above athlete should have a Twitter account because college coaches use Twitter heavily. When you are practicing  in the winter and the spring there is something for college coaches called the contact period. They can come to your school and meet you- so when a college coach comes, introduce yourself or a coach will make an intro for you. And then proceed to follow them on Twitter. This is a contact you have now so when you get varsity film you can send it to them or you can send them more film from the upcoming season. Also if you are an underclassman you cannot get an OFFICIAL offer until the summer before your junior year so you have some time to build relationships.

3)- Get out to camps. As a 9th & 10th grader I wouldn’t break the bank going to a bunch of college camps all over the country however, I would try to attend a couple. Don’t expect to just walk in and get an offer but expect to dominate and get contact info from coaches. Again, this is just another opportunity to build relationships with college coaches so when you get film or if you already have it you can reach out to them and build that connection. It’s all about building a REAL network. A lot of these scam recruiting sites will tell you to send out a bunch of emails from a template which is obviously a standard template and coaches know that. They want real interaction. 

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