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How WRs Can BALL OUT At Camps

There are 3 specific things that can help wide receivers perform well at camps and get noticed.

Tip 1) The first thing you need to understand is that you must take as many reps as possible. After a camp you should be so dang tired because every single rep that there was to be had, you took it. That means sometimes stealing reps from guys, I obviously don’t mean being an asshole about it and cutting players and shoving them out of the way, but when someone doesn’t want to hop up for a rep, you should take it everytime. If people are afraid to go up against a DB, you should take their rep. The more reps you take, the more chances you get to make a good impression on a coach. Eyes are always on you.

Tip 2) How you can stand out to a coach skill wise is by displaying your catching ability, speed and explosiveness and route running. Nothing is better than catching every ball and getting open on every route. This comes down to your technique and simply how explosive you are. That’s why this off season you need to be preparing for those situations. Work on your route running, work on your press releases, work on your hands and always always try to get faster. These will help you make a lasting impression on a coach at a camp.

If you guys would like to see some of the best camps WRs can attend this off season to improve their skills, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

Tip 3) Ask the coach questions and make sure you talk to them after the camp. So many kids just do these camps and then walk away right after. Especially if it’s a camp where you are lucky enough to meet a coach with a lot of knowledge. They are there for you, so you should pick their brain any chance you can get. You never know, you might build a relationship with this coach who can help you get better opportunities in the future. So make sure going into the camp you have questions prepared that you can ask a coach after everything ends.

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