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How WRs Can Beat A Physical DB

How WRs can beat a bigger more physical corner is by mainly doing 3 things. 1) you want to be sudden with your feet and quick. You need to execute your plan off the line fast and be able to make your move quickly. If you spend too much time hesitating or thinking/trying to read the DB he will get hands and disrupt timing. So make your move fast. 2) you can’t be afraid of contact. If you’re not afraid of contact and anytime the DB gets hands you are violent with your hands, you will be able to get his hands off. It’s all about having a plan for your feet as well as your hands. Execute the plan fast. 3) Both of these can bedeveloped by improving your explosiveness. If you want a workout plan you can do to improve your explosiveness, click the link below ⬇️⬇️

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