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How WRs Can Beat BIGGER DBs

The first way that small guys can beat bigger DBs is by having a plan with their feet. So instead of just sitting there and trying to run around a bigger DB you need to understand that your feet are what get you open. Let me explain, chances are when you face a bigger guy, especially in a man coverage situation, they are going to jam and get physical. So as a WR we need a plan for that. Using a release like a step back release or a hesi slide N go release can set traps for that DB and get us open. For example if he lunges at you and you hit him with a step back release he will be off balance. When a DB is off balance we should win the route every time. How you can structure a plan is through film study. You should be studying a DBs tendencies in every play. Look for the situations he likes to press and get physical and the technique he uses. Chose 5-6 different moves you can use for that game and execute. Keep it simple!

The second thing you need to be able to do against a bigger guy is hand fight. You need a plan for your hands and upper body much like you need a plan for your feet. If a DB is going to jam, understand that you only need to beat his inside arm for an inside release or his outside arm for an outside release. Dont be wasting time fighting his hands if you can just beat the outside hand and take the outside release. But naturally as a smaller guy, we won’t be as strong as a bigger DB. So that is something we need to improve on. If you want a 2 month WR specific gym workout plan click the link below! We give you specific sets, reps and exercises to improve your entire game at the WR position. These aren’t just regular exercises you can find online, they are workouts to improve your speed off the ball, explosion at the top of the route, grip strength and more! Click below to check it out ⬇️⬇️

The last thing you can do to beat a bigger DB is have quick changes of direction. Naturally as a smaller guy you are going to be much quicker. Or at least you should be. So the ability to sell vertical with your route running and have a sudden/quick change of direction is essential. If you aren’t able to do this, you won’t be able to really separate yourself from the competition. As a shorter guy, to get open, you need to do all the details correctly. You don’t have any room for Indicators on your routes, slow breaks at the top of the route and weak acceleration. You need to master the art of route running to be an elite player when you are a short WR.

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