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How WRs Can Get OFFERS: Step By Step

Below we will be discussing how WRs can receive a scholarship offer in a step by step format. I hope this helps! 

Step 1)- Make varsity. This is pretty much a given but I’m going to tell you this right now, a college coach does not care about your 7on7, freshman or JV highlights. They want to see what you can do on Friday nights. So if you’re an underclassman and want to play football at the next level, but aren’t on varsity… your main goal needs to be making varsity so you can get real recruiting attention. Invest in a strength coach, speed coach, private trainer etc. DO NOT invest in NCSA or any other BS recruiting service. 

Step 2)- Make a mid season highlight tape. Not a lot of people do this but when you are on varsity you need to make a highlight tape after 5 games. This is so you can send out emails and DMs to college coaches during the season and you have some tape for them if they come to your games. Now on this highlight tape it should be your BEST plays from the year. College coaches want to see explosive WRs. They want to see you make big catches down field, get yards after the catch, run explosive routes etc. do not include routine catches for gains of 7yds.

If you guys would like a daily 2 month workout schedule for WRs to perform in the gym & on the field with over 250 field drills and 250 gym exercises- Checkout the link below! It’s a daily step by step schedule and we give the exact sets/reps to do. We also provide a video example of each drill ⬇️⬇️

Step 3)- Make a full season highlight tape. This should include your BEST 5 explosive  first from the entire season. Try to keep the tape 2-3 minutes long. College coaches will not watch much longer than that. 

Step 4)- Email and DM college coaches with your film and ask them about upcoming camps. You should figure out maybe 50+ schools from D1, D2, D3 and NAIA that you are interested in. You need to look up their coaching my staff and find out who the recruiting coordinator for your area or your position coach is at that school and reach out to them. Search their name on google or Twitter and you should be able to find an email or a Twitter page- you will have to do some digging but the info is out there. This can open up the door for opportunities to impress a coach at a camp or get invited to a camp- the camp invite usually means nothing but it’s an opportunity to play in front of a coach who you have sent your film to.

Step 5)- Perform well at camps and keep in contact with coaches throughout the year. College coaches will come and visit your school during winter workouts and spring ball- you need to follow them on Twitter, make connections and attend their camps. College coaches love relationships with players and that’s what you need to keep. If you keep constant real communication with them and attend their camps when possible- this can land you your first offer. But it’s all about getting your film in front of them and building a relationship through DM, email and your high school coach. 

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