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How WRs Can Improve Their Blocking

There are 3 specific things that WRs need to do to improve their blocking,

The first thing that WRs can do when it comes to technique for blocking is address the DB under control. So many guys get over anxious and will run at a DB full speed to only get left behind because the DB makes a quick move and can get involved with the run. You need to approach the DB under control so if he does decide to make a quick move, you can be patient and stay in front of him.

The second thing WRs can do when it comes to technique is have a wide base/active feet. A lot of guys will approach a DB under control but when they get hands on the DB their base gets super narrow. And when your base gets narrow a DB will just throw you by because you are not balanced. Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. Now when your base is wide, a lot of young WRs will stop moving their feet. They will look in the backfield or just stop, all a DB has to do in this situation is get your hands off and you are done. Make sure you keep your base wide, feet active and when you get hands on dont stop moving your feet.

The last thing WRs can do to improve blocking that is not technique based is improving their explosiveness and strength. So many WRs neglect explosive movements in the gym like power cleans and box jumps and it will only negatively effect your game. If you are in a run heavy offense, to stand out on film you need to be an explosive blocker. Make sure you are doing the correct exercises to develop this.

If you want to learn all of the gym exercises and field exercises that will improve your explosiveness to help with blocking and all of the technical aspects of the WR position checkout our FULL 28 DAY WR TRAINING SCHEDULE (Gym/Field workouts) ⬇️⬇️

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