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For WRs it is very common to struggle with their cuts because they lack the mechanics of cutting or they lack ankle/knee stability. And that’s what we are focusing on today. A lot of people don’t understand what gets you open as a WR, it all comes down to selling fade making the DB think you’re going deep & eliminating wasted time at the top of the route. Some people, actually most people will do 1 & not the other. If you are running full speed into a route and into a break but lack the proper mechanics of a cut you will drift off the route and lose explosion. Some people will get out of their breaks in 1-3 steps but won’t sell vertical and they get locked up. How you can efficiently cut is by striking the ground on that middle arch of your foot. The middle arch of your foot is where you have balance and explosion. Whether you are snapping down or making a speed cut when you can hit that arch you can decelerate and create energy. That’s how you run efficient routes and strike the ground correctly. A lot of guys make cuts on their toes and they fall forward aka drift, and then some guys will strike the ground on their heels which shoots their energy back and they can’t get out of the route. Also that’s a great way to injure your Achilles. So to make a smoother cut when running full speed you must strike the ground on the arch of your foot and then drive off the inside arch to accelerate out of the break. Now this brings me to my second point, a lot of guys just simply can’t do this because they lack ankle stability and knee stability. Mainly because they haven’t been training the correct exercises. A lot of guys just go out to the field and do pointless drills that won’t translate. Then they don’t run full routes until it’s time to workout with their teams and they are going to look awful. You need to be training game/route realistic drills to build your ankle stability, knee stability and just overall smoothness of your route running. This is how you can become an elite route runner. If you want over 150+ route running drills for WRs made into a daily schedule, click the link below! ⬇️

WE WILL BE IN SAN DIEGO SUNDAY OCTOBER 24th for a 3 hour QB/WR training clinic! We are only allowing 20 spots so click the link below to register because they will fill up fast! I will be working with the QBs & WRs and I will be flying in a D1 speed coach to help you guys with 40yd dash mechanics and overall speed work! Check it out here and reserve your spot. ⬇️

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