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How WRs Can STAND OUT At Camps

It is the summer which means that it is camp season for a lot of high school athletes around the country. Today we will be focusing on WRs specifically. At camps it’s all about grabbing the attention of coaches. I had a few kids who went to an Alabama camp this past week and there were 10 offers given out on site. So it’s possible, but those kids were most likely on the schools radar with either their film or something of that nature. So as a WR with maybe not that much film, a great way to get on a coaches radar is to ball out at the camp. Highly unlikely you will get an offer at the camp without film, but that doesn’t mean you can’t impress a coach and get his contact info so you can keep him up to date on your recruiting and season. How to stand out for WRs comes down to speed, football IQ & smoothness in and out of breaks. You need to have some kind of athleticism to play at the next level and that’s what coaches are looking for. Doesn’t necessarily mean you need to run a 4.4 but if you’re 5’6 160lbs you need to have blazing speed. Coaches often talk about the eye test, if you don’t pass the eye test, you need to be extremely quick and explosive. Those are both things that can be trained. Secondly, coaches want to see you demonstrate a high football IQ on the field. What that means is that you can’t be doing all of these stupid/slow press releases or moves because it takes to long and that demonstrates you don’t have any idea of a play concept/QB perspective on a play. You need to do things efficiently, quickly and showcase your ability to sit in zone coverages/win matchups against man coverage. Lastly, Nick Saban always talks about what he looks for in WRs and that is smoothness in and out of breaks. How welll can you get into a route? And how well can you get out of a route? You need to demonstrate at camps that you can sell vertical, get a DB to run and then you can violently drop at the top of the route. Also you need to show that after you have a sudden change of direction with little to no wasted motion you can accelerate and widen the distance with the DB. Those three things i mentioned above are what college receivers focus on. It’s not about 1on1s and 7on7. It’s about how you can succeed when the pads come on and can you do the things they ask of you.

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