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How WRs Can STAND OUT To Scouts This Season

The first thing WRs can do to impress scouts this season is to show out on their mid season highlights. If you are playing VARSITY this year, when you hit the 5 game mark, you should make a mid season highlight tape to send out to coaches. It will help you get a leg up on the competition recruiting wise. You should include all of your big plays from the first half of the season. Include great routes you run, big plays you make after the catch and big catches you make. These are all things that will stand out to a college scout on film. Most guys wait until the end of the year, don’t make the same mistake I made. Get started with the recruiting process early!

If you aren’t sure what things you need to work on to make those big plays for this season, to run great routes, to make big catches and to improve your overall game at WR checkout our 4 week WR on field workout schedule below! We breakdown all the specific drills you need to be doing each day with sets and reps to become a better WR! ⬇️⬇️

The second thing you need to do as a WR to stand out to scouts it showcase your speed or size. If you aren’t the biggest guy on the field you need to show that you have great agility, speed and quickness. All the great guys who aren’t above 6 feet tall, all can move incredibly well. That’s how you can stand out as a short guy. If you are on the bigger side, 6’1 and above, you need to showcase your ability to make big plays down field, be a threat in the red zone and securing big catches in traffic. Use your size and your speed to your advantage when it comes to standing out to scouts.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, WRs need to be able to show college scouts that they can get it done in the classroom as well. I would be lying to you if I said grades didn’t matter and it was all about your on field play. I’ll tell you a story about myself for example, when I was in high school the biggest schools recruiting me were Princeton and Yale. More so Yale. The only reason I didn’t get into those schools was because I had a 3.3 GPA. I had the talent, had the work ethic and the desire but my grades weren’t up to par for them. I was still able to obtain a full ride scholarship to a less academic school but just to think if I would’ve studied maybe a little bit harder and put grades over football in certain cases, I could have been at an Ivy League school. I don’t have any regrets but grades 100% matter. Make sure you can pass, and make sure you are eligible to play ball at the next level.


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