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As a WR you need to be a second QB on the field, that means you need to study like a QB would to prepare for a game. Today I will breakdown what WRs should be looking for on film. 

There are two main things you want to look at, the first is the coverage. So as an offensive player in general you need to know the top 3 coverages every team runs. That’s called “tendencies”. That will allow you to know what routes in your playbook will work best against each specific defense. This can increase your chances of getting the ball and you will know where to sit/how to beat each coverage. So studying the defense you are playing as a whole is so important. You can’t just study the one DB you are matched up against. 

If you guys would like a 40 minute video where I breakdown different defenses & explain how WRs should read coverages checkout the link below!

The second thing you want to study is the DB who will be guarding you most of the time. You need to study the entire defense first, have a knowledge of what they are doing… then you move on to the DBs. You should know if they like to play a lot of outside shade, inside shade, head up press or zone. And that’s how you structure your plan- a lot of WR coaches always talk about “having a plan” but what does that actually mean? This is what it means. If he’s a DB who only plays inside shade man coverage when the defense is in a man defense- you should have 3-5 releases that will beat inside leverage. You need to be tactical and calculated so you can play fast/execute your plan. 

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