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We get asked this question a lot and we wanted to include an article on it because A LOT OF WRs DO NOT WATCH FILM. And that can only hurt you, but I personally think it is because they do not know how. You need to be looking at 3 specific things. 1) The Coverage. If you are prepping for a team that week, you should be trying to figure out what coverage they come out in most of the time and how the corners like to play. Now with the usage of apps like Hudl, it can tell you if your coaches mark up the film, but if not, don’t panic I would tell my receivers to write it out themselves even if their coaches do have it written for them. If you’re not the best with coverages, start with taking note of how many times you see two high safeties or one high safeties. Take note of how many times you see zone coverage (off, eyes in the backfield) from a DB and how many times you see press coverage/off man coverage. If you’re an inside receiver take note of the LBs and how many times they are in zone or man. If you are watching film without a pen and notebook you are wrong. 2) Take down percentages. So this combines with number 1, but you need to then map out how many times they are in a specific coverage. Let’s say you get 100 plays and 75 times the DB is in zone coverage, so you can dictate that 75% of the time the DB will be off and looking in the backfield. So structure your plan for this accordingly. Understand that during the week your main mindset needs to be closing the gap and attacking the DB. Maybe 15% of the time he’s in press & inside leverage. So, make sure you have about 1-2 releases specifically for that press man look. Do you see what I’m getting at? The best receivers all prepare days and days before they execute under the lights. It’s all a structured plan. 3) And last but not least, take note of the scrubs on their team & the best guys. When I used to watch a lot of film when I played QB this was so important. You want to identify the best & worst secondary defender, best and worst linebacker and you don’t have to worry about the D-linemen. But you want to know this so when you are lining up against one of their worst guys, expect the ball. It’s all about matchups, especially at the youth and high school level. Now obviously it’s not just about film study, you need to apply these principles on the field. If you want a step by step day to day training schedule for WRs and what drills they need to do/ routes they need to practice with video examples- click the link below! ⬇️

WE WILL BE IN SAN DIEGO SUNDAY OCTOBER 24th for a 3 hour QB/WR training clinic! We are only allowing 20 spots so click the link below to register because they will fill up fast! I will be working with the QBs & WRs and I will be flying in a D1 speed coach to help you guys with 40yd dash mechanics and overall speed work! Check it out here and reserve your spot. ⬇️

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