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How WRs Should Prepare Before A Game

Before a game there are a couple of key things that WRs need to do, they need to prepare for their opponent obviously but how do they actually do that? Throughout the week if you have access to film of the team you are playing you should be studying their secondary for a countless number of hours. Learn what the DBs like to do, the techniques they like to use, how they like to press, situations they like to bail and then you structure your game accordingly. If you don’t have an outstanding receiver coach who gives you releases to use, moves to use and different route techniques each week based on your team that’s something you most likely have to do on your own. Not every release or move works against every DB just simply based on defensive scheme. Focus on structuring your route based on the play concept, timing and defense. That’s why in the off season it’s so important to learn 100 different skills so you are prepared for any situation. If you want access to a video that breaks down each press release, when to use it and game time examples of that release... click the link below for a full 12 minute video breakdown you can access to give you that info and help you structure your personal plan each week ⬇️

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