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Improve Over The Shoulder Catching

To improve your over the shoulder catching I think 2 things need to be accomplished, besides working the actual throw with your QB, that’s the best thing you can do, But especially right now, not everyone can get with a QB and workout. So these are 2 things you can do. Have someone, whether it’s a family member or a friend throw a tennis ball up over your shoulder on each side, this works your hand eye coordination. And when it comes to catching over the shoulder that’s one of the most important things. The 2nd tip I can give you is more technique based while you are working this drill. I want you to think of your eyes as a camera and you take a picture of the tennis ball every time it drops over your shoulder. That’s going to help you look the ball all the way in and be consistent with how you are catching this thing. If you want other ways to improve your hands in general, click the link below for a 3 week hands improvement plan 👇🏻

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