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It’s Always Your Fault

If you are going to be a leader on your team you need to be comfortable with everything being your fault. QBs especially. What makes great leaders is being able to take the heat from all opponents and still stand strong. There are going to be times when things don’t go your way and it has nothing to do with you. You may not even be able to control it but you have to take full responsibility. Hold yourself accountable to the groups successes and failures. Thats a true leader. And you should enjoy that. It’s not all negative. Once you assert yourself into that role, anytime something goes right you will get credit for it as well. If something doesn’t you take the heat. It’s part of the role you are in. If that doesn’t sound like something you’d want to do, you should probably not step into a leadership role. Personally I think QB is the biggest leadership role on the team. A lot of people don’t like QBs because they will get a lot of praise when things go right but nobody talks about all the crap they get when things go wrong. But what separates the average college QB and an elite NFL QB is their ability to weather the storm when all of the crap is thrown at them. That’s what you have to do. Take command of your team by taking the blame and being that guy who is accountable for it all and also holds his teammates accountable

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