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Key To Being A Great Route Runner

I think the key to being a great route runner is based on 3 things that you can easily work on. 1) you need to have an understanding of the technique that goes into running clean routes. Being able to sell vertical and make all your routes look the same, getting out of the break as fast as possible without losing speed and acceleration out of the break. If you can master those 3 things you will have an edge over a lot of receivers who don’t learn that stuff until about high school. 2) you need to be physical. Not a lot of people talk about this but you can’t be soft and be a good route runner. You need to be able to get a DBs hands off of you at the release and throughout the route. Plain and simple. And lastly 3) you need to be explosive. All of that other stuff only happens if you’re explosive. So many guys don’t have any explosion and they wonder why they are slow out of their breaks. Your hips, your feet, your arms and your legs need to be explosive. How you can develop explosion is by working out. Either in the weight room or body weight. Plyometrics, power cleans jump squats to name a few. If you want a 28 day set body weight workout plan with about 8-10 exercises per day to develop your explosion and get you in better shape along with specific rest days, click the link below ⬇️

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