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Max Lifts Based On Age & Size

Below we will be the max lifts you should be doing as a skill position player based off of your size & age. We are starting the age bracket at age 13- if you are below age 13 or even in some cases not a fully developed 13 year old, you shouldn’t worry about max lifts. Emphasize good form & good habits. That will help you long term.

Also if you are a WR and you’re looking to get stronger this off season- checkout the link below for our 16 week WR gym workout routine. We give you 4 months of daily workouts, rest days and conditioning days to do. We breakdown the exact sets & reps to follow and we include examples of each exercise ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Age 13- Weight: 130-140

Squat- 185lbs

Bench- 125lbs

Power Clean- 105lbs

(These are the most important)

Age 13-Weight: 140+

Squat- 200lbs

Bench- 135lbs

Power Clean- 110lbs

(These are the most important)

Age 14- Weight: 150-160lbs

Squat- 225lbs

Bench- 145lbs

Power Clean-135lbs

(These are the most important)

Age 14-Weight: 160-170

Squat- 250lbs

Bench- 160lbs

Power Clean- 145lbs

(These are the most important)

Age 15- Weight: 165-175

Squat- 275lbs

Bench- 175lbs

Power Clean- 165lbs

(These are the most important)

Age 15-Weight: 175-180

Squat - 300lbs

Bench- 200lbs

Power Clean- 170lbs

(These are the most important)

Age 16+Weight: 170-185

Squat- 315lbs at least

Bench- 225lbs

Power Clean- 185lbs

(These are the most important)

Age 16+Weight: 185+

Squat- 335lbs

Bench- 235lbs

Power Clean- 200lbs

(These are the most important)

These are also minimum numbers. If you are above this- that is very good.

Also, in 2024 we are coming out to 9 more cities for QB/WR skill camps! We will be coming to Dallas TX(SOLD OUT) Nashville TN(SOLD OUT) Chicago IL(SOLD OUT) Buffalo NY, Atlanta GA, Houston TX (SOLD OUT) Philadelphia PA(SOLD OUT), Detroit MI, Boise ID & Los Angeles CA! Checkout the link below to sign up ⬇️⬇️

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