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Max Lifts To Be A D1 WR

We get a lot of messages & comments asking us “how much should I (Insert lift) if I want to be a college WR” and we are writing this to explain to you how important lifting to college coaches actually is and to give you 3 tips on how you can train correctly in the gym. I hope this can help you out

1)- The exact weight you lift does not matter. Strength is not determined by a number. If you’re lineman who can squat 335 LBs and you weigh 280lbs that is not impressive. If you’re a WR who weighs 160lbs an can squat 335lbs that is impressive. So college coaches could care less about the exact number of what your max is. Focus on developing explosion, power and size. DO NOT worry about hitting a max number. If college coaches wanted the guys who could lift the most weight on their team they would recruit bodybuilders and power lifters. You need to be strong, explosive, and fast to play football at the next level.  

If you guys would like a 4 month WR gym workout schedule to follow, checkout the link below!

2)- The second thing we would like to tell you is that people lie all the time about their max lifts. Just because you put that you can bench 225x18 reps in your bio doesn’t mean that you can. Literally anybody can lie- college coaches look for a test of strength in an actual video of you doing the exercise. So show videos on your Twitter profile of you actually doing the lifts. Don’t just have worthless stats listed.

3)- And last but not least, train for performance maxes not bodybuilding maxes. I think that the way athletes train is so flawed- guys will spend countless hours in the gym doing exercises that will not help them athletically in anyway. The main focus of your lifting should be athletic performance based- not trying to look big. You should be doing explosive movements like power cleans, box jumps etc. not bench press and curls. We are football players and we have to train like it. College coaches want the guy who is explosive ON THE FIELD not the guy who can out lift everyone-that certainly can help because I’m sure you will have size… but if you have no skills… it doesn’t matter. 

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