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MINDSET Towards An Injury

When you get injured I think your mindset should be 100% focused on recovering and getting better. If it’s a season ending injury there isn’t much you can do about it. If it’s an injury to where you only miss a game or two it’s really the same mindset. Don’t go around feeling sorry for yourself. Go around with a mindset that you will get better and you will come back from it. Positive thoughts, the injury happened, you can’t change it. So attack the rehab and recovery process. Take it as a challenge. Doctor says you will be back in 3 weeks, rehab focused so maybe you can come back in 2. Compete with yourself everyday and that’s how you make sure you don’t miss a beat. If you can be at practice, be there. Learn the plays like everybody else, coaches see that and will respect that. When you are cleared you can jump back in on offense or defense like you never left. Positive mindset towards injuries is the best way to beat them.

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