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Below we will be discussing if you don’t have any offers after high school, and still have dreams of playing college football… what should you do? Two options are prep schools and JUCO (junior college or community college). We will be discussing how the choice is very simple and the easy differences between the two. I hope you enjoy!

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Okay so a prep school is pretty much just a continuation of high school for a lot of money. It’s a private institution and it’s most popular on the east coast. IMG academy which I’m sure you have all heard of, has a post graduate program there where guys can go after their senior year. People use it for two reasons, to get offers or to further develop for college. A lot of guys need scholarships to attend these schools because tuition is usually outrageous. It’s around 40-70k per year. Which is like college. Now if you’re a guy who doesn’t have any offers and thinks they can still play college football, this can be a good option. You don’t lose any of your college eligibility and you still have a chance to receive a scholarship at this institution. Now, especially in today’s economy, with inflation numbers breaking records… not many people can afford to spend that on an extra year of high school. If your family can afford it & you want to play college ball- I recommend this option. But if it’s going to bankrupt you, don’t do it. JUCO is probably better for you.

 Now, the only drawback of JUCO is that you lose college eligibility. Most guys go to college for 2 years, then get an offer/transfer to a bigger 4 year college. But those two years you played at that JUCO will count against your eligibility unless you red shirted etc. So you will only have 2 years of play time at the 4 year school. JUCO is extremely cheap. It’s honestly pretty much free in some places. So if you don’t come from a lot of money or just simply don’t want to pay 40-70k tuition, JUCO is a great option. It’s still college football and it can be highly beneficial. Just know that everyone there is playing to get an offer. It’s not like high school but neither is a prep school. 

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