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Pro Shuttle & Vertical Jump To Play D1

Below we will be discussing some of the times and testing numbers you should be shooting for to stand out to college coaches at a camp setting. Now I also want to make this clear, these numbers do not define you as a football player. If college coaches wanted the guys who can jump the highest, they would recruit high jumpers. They want the best football players- but these numbers can help you stand out if you don’t have a crazy highlight tape or have a ton of film. If you are testing below these numbers take this as a challenge to improve, please do not get discouraged.

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These are stats pulled from online research looking at average combine stats for high school athletes.

Pro Shuttle (5-10-5 shuttle)

D1 Level:

Skill Positions (4.5-4.0)

Lineman- (5.10-4.60)

LB/RB- (4.7-4.40)

Vertical Jump

D1 Level:

Skill Positions- (34-40 inches)

Linemen- (26-32 inches)

RB/LB- (32-38 inches)

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