QB Arm Care Exercises

For QBs you cannot lift like a linebacker or a running back. You need to do exercises especially for your upper body that will help with shoulder mobility and flexibility. So some of those exercises are band pull aparts and pulls behind your head and also I, Y,T,Ws. Band pull aparts are when you hold a resistance band across your chest and you pull it across and then overhead pulls are when you pull the band and move it over the top of your head down to your back to really get a streatch in your shoulders. Those are foundational for shoulder mobility and functional strength. The I,Y,T,Ws are for the same. Hold light plates and move your arms in those letter patterns. (Google for more info). These lifts and exercises are a couple of the many QBs can do to take care of their shoulders. 

If you want more exercises specifically designed for QB performance, click the link below!⬇️⬇️


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