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QBs Are Athletes Too

QBs are rotational athletes. But what does that mean? That means that you rotate similar to how a tennis player, a pitcher, a golfer or any other athlete does who throws or has to rotate. The mechanics are the same, now the reason why I am telling you this is because you need to start training like a rotational athlete. It’s not just going to happen over night and boom you’re a rotational thrower. I see so many QBs not engaging their hips into their throws, not producing enough ground force and honestly not being explosive enough. Now how can you develop these aspects other than just throwing? Lifting properly! QBs need to lift different than other athletes on a football team. But if you have to gain weight that’s another story. This is for the prototypical QB or the one who doesn’t need to gain weight. If you want to learn the proper way for QBs to lift, click the link below!

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