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Slot WR Quiz

This is going to be a quiz for slot WRs and 3 different situations they will face. I hope you enjoy, the answers are at the bottom of this article.

Question 1) Head up Linebacker on you, with 1 high safety up top. The corners are bailing out on the outside. You have to run a seam, how would you go about this? (2x2 formation)

Question 2) Inside Shade LB in zone, 2 high safety look, how would you run a dig route?

(2x2 formation)

Question 3) Corner vs 2 high safety look out of the slot, what kind of a ball can you expect from the QB? (2x2 formation)

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Answer 1) So this is most likely a 4-4 cover 3 look when you’re out of the slot in a 2x2 formation. 3 Linebackers inside/ 1 safety rolled down and the LB/SS head up on you will be in charge of the flats. So his goal is to re route you inside to make it an easier play for the safety. So what you need to do is attack his leverage to the outside so he moves off the platform, his job is to not let you take the outside release. So set him up outside, take the inside release and work to re stack so your QB has space to throw you from the safety.

Answer 2) LB is inside shade so you want to attack his leverage inside because that’s where he doesn’t want you to go, give him a move then work back to your “line” and snap the dig off in front of the safety. Be aware of the Mike linebacker when you do this so you know if you need to sit in coverage behind the LBs.

Answer 3) Ball will be on a line. QB is trying to bring you down hill away from the safety. If it were man coverage he would be dropping it over the top with some touch. 2 high safety, always expect the ball on a line.If the QB fades you with air, you are either getting killed or the ball will have a play made on it. Do not change the angle however, keep the same 45 you would if it was man coverage. Just get your head around quicker so you can find the ball and adjust.

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